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Make Money Online - Promote Your Content

The key to making money online is to publish quality content. Lots and lots of quality content.

Of course, the way to make that content pay off - the way to actually open the door to financial success - is to have it generate traffic.

The problem is, most people simply publish quality content and then move on to the next writing topic.

While that approach might very well attract viewers, it won't bring in the kind of numbers that it takes to actually make money.

So you need to start by writing good quality content based on relevant, sought-after topics - ones people are searching for.

And, if it's based on very specific keywords that people are using to conduct those searches, you'll gain search engine benefit.

That's the beginning.

Once you've accomplished that, it's time to move on to the most productive step...

Get that content promoted!

In order for any content to gain financial reward, it needs to be seen and shared by an unlimited number of people.

It's not difficult. It's just something that many writers and publishers fail to do. For any number of reasons...

Maybe they're too busy.

Maybe they feel it's not necessary.

Or maybe they just don't know how powerful this type of promotion can be!

Don't fall into that trap. You absolutely MUST promote your content if you want to make money.

There are numerous ways you can do it and we'll talk about them in other segments. But for right now, it's important that you know the number one method.

It's a relatively simple process, but if you do it correctly, you can gain countless targeted viewers.

More importantly, you don't have to work very hard to achieve that kind of payoff. It's kind of like that old saying...

Work smart, not hard.

Yes, you need to promote your content. But you don't have to kill yourself doing it.

All it really takes is implementing the right method in the right way.



What you need to do is seek out blog and website owners who meet the following criteria...

  1. They have a website/blog with content related to yours.

  2. Their website/blog enjoys an extremely large volume of viewer traffic.

Contact those individuals and let them know when you have quality content available.

But don't ask them to link to it. Just ask them to look at it.

If they read your content and feel it's valuable enough to share with their own viewers, they will. Without you pushing them to do it.

The mistake most people make is expecting the blog or website owner to jump right on their offer...

"My content is terrific. And once you see it, I know you'll want to share it. Here's the link."

What you need to realize is that these successful people receive requests to share content all the time.

If you want these blog and website owners to take you seriously, you need to do two things...

  1. Give them quality content.
  2. Give them a reason to look at it.

If you do that - if you're respectful and leave the decision in their hands - you'll have a much better shot at gaining long-term relationships with people who can do you the most good.

And by "most good" we're talking quality targeted traffic from people who are already interested in your particular information.

Start with that one method of promotion and you might just find that any other forms of promotion are completely unnecessary.

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