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Make Money Online - Piggyback Traffic

There's one absolute online...

If you don't have traffic, you can't make money.

Naturally, the more traffic you receive, the more likely you are to generate income.

The only problem is, getting traffic - more precisely TARGETED traffic - is the hardest part of operating online.

There's no such thing as build it and they will come. They won't.

You have to actually go out and get any traffic that you need. And unless you know how, you could be in for a huge disappointment.

But there IS hope. And it's called piggyback traffic.

All it takes is finding websites and blogs that are already receiving the same kind of viewers you need.

Once you do that, you can simply tap into their ready-made supply of targeted viewers.

How? Well, that's the tricky part.

If you want to "share" someone's traffic - in other words, piggyback their viewers over to your site - you first need to convince those website and blog owners that there's something in it for them.

Mind you, this is NOT for the faint of heart. You can't even think about your share of anything.

This is the time to give everything - and by everything, we're talking whatever it takes - to close the deal.

But if you're serious about gaining more traffic, and in a very short amount of time, there shouldn't be any question as to whether or not you're willing to work at it. Basically, you need to be fully committed to making it happen.

That's the first step. Gearing yourself up for whatever it takes. Beyond that, you need to figure out how to convince the people who enjoy the viewers YOU want to joyfully send them your way.

Let's face it...

They worked hard to get that traffic. You need to work equally hard to steer that same traffic in your direction.

And if at any point your confidence waivers, all you need to do is think about what it would take to get that same level of traffic on your own. Or how much time would be involved.

Don't blink.

Just roll up your sleeves and keep your eyes on the prize.



The simplest method of acquiring piggyback traffic is to offer website and blog owners free content.

And not just any content but information that's valuable AND exclusive to their individual blog or website.

Remember, the whole point is to get major traffic - THEIR traffic - redirected to your site. If all you ask is the inclusion of a backlink in the content you provide, you're much more likely to get affimative responses to your requests.

What kind of content should you offer? The top choices would be written content and infographics.

In case you're not already aware, an infographic is simply content (similar to bullet points) that's displayed as a graphic.

For example, let's say there's an article listing the top 10 reasons people quit smoking. Those same reasons could be represented in an infographic.

Of course, if you really want to seal the deal, offer to write exclusive content to go along with the infographic.

That way, you can share the infographic with more than one blog or website owner. But each one gets custom content that's geared toward them specifically.

Written content is also a good offer, especially if you've created something unique for each owner.

The more you're willing to offer, the more likely blog and website owners will accept.

But don't expect great results right off the bat. Sometimes it takes a while to gain people's trust and confidence.

Even if you only get 1 or 2 owners to share their traffic, that's a terrific boost in targeted viewers.

And of course, once you get going with this method, it will become easier and more effective.

Piggyback traffic. It's the one method that's guaranteed to give good results.

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