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Make Money Online - The Perfect Squeeze Page

In case you don't already know, a squeeze page is designed for one purpose. Get viewers to do something.

Most often, the purpose is to have people sign up for a mailing list. And that's a very smart thing to do.

Once you have a solid and responsive mailing list, it allows you to promote any and all offers, both present and future.

Basically, it gives you a method to make money over and over again.

But there are two problems that come with squeeze pages...

  1. search engines don't like squeeze pages

  2. most people don't know how to build them properly

In all honesty, search engines are never fond of any pages with sparse content. And squeeze pages are purposefully meant to be sparse. Just enough information to entice viewers to give up their name and email address.

As far as not knowing how to build a proper squeeze page goes, that's understandable considering all the bad information floating around out there.

Marketers who want you to purchase some squeeze page related service or product they're affiliated with will always tell you how difficult it is. How doing it wrong could cost you money.

While the second part might very well be true, there's really nothing more difficult about building a responsive squeeze page than there is any other web page.

As outlined in the third step of 5 steps to make money online, a squeeze page should have the following components.

  1. an attractive form

  2. a short but powerful headline

  3. a compelling sub-headline

  4. an engaging image that represents the free offer

  5. one or two paragraphs of compelling copy

  6. a strong call to action

  7. an alternative choice

Overall, you want the entire squeeze page to be attractive. So having a modern good-looking form as well is just common sense.

That doesn't mean you have to go overboard. You simply want that first impression to be a "WOW" one. That's how you initially capture the viewer's attention.

Next comes the headline, which is the primary hook. If it's not something that reaches through the screen and grabs them by the neck, it's not good enough.

An example of a bad headline...

Sign up now and get a free report.

An example of a good headline...

How To Improve Your Golf Swing
In 5 Days Or Less

A headline should be...

  1. brief and to the point

  2. focus on one thing that the targeted viewer cares about

  3. set some form of expectation

Naturally, in the good headline, we've got this covered.

Our target audience is any golfer who wants to improve their golf swing and we offer to show them how to do it within a very specific time frame.

After that, we have the sub-headline. Here you can simply add additional information and enticement...

"These are the secret methods that pro golfers have used for decades to crush their competition and win tournaments!"

So now you've really got their attention.

But it's important that you also include a couple of paragraphs of text content that tells them exactly what this free report includes...

If you've ever experienced a bad "swing" day, you know exactly how frustrating it can be. And most likely, you've had moments when you just wanted to walk away from golf entirely and try something less demanding. Like stamp collecting.

Bullet points are especially effective...

Hold on a second. Don't give it up just yet. With this exclusive free report you'll learn...

  • the biggest mistake beginners and even seasoned golfers make

  • four easy "fixes" that can help you improve almost immediately

  • how your balance could be your worse enemy and how to change it

And a powerful wrapup...

Think about it. What better way to improve your golf swing than to use the secret methods golf pros use!

You should also include a quality image that represents your free report. Either a cover image or something that would be highly appealing (a golfer making the perfect swing).



Naturally, you'll want a real good call to action. Something that prevents any viewer from even considering not giving you their name and email address.

"Get this report now and you'll be impressing everyone you know in just a few days time!"

And finally, the guilt option where you state a refusal on their behalf...

"No thanks. I'd rather keep embarrassing myself in front of friends and business associates."

You could even have it link to a page that gives them one last chance to sign up.

In most cases, that won't be necessary.

The guilt option is generally the final nudge "fence sitters" need in order to make the right decision. And of course, give you one more valuable sales contact.

The SEO Factor

A squeeze page, no matter how well crafted it might be, can't be sufficiently effective (generate traffic) if you don't apply SEO tactics.

Basically, this amounts to using a very specific keyword to attract very specific viewers.

In other words, summon highly targeted traffic.

So even before you begin to build the squeeze page, you need to conduct research in order to find the perfect keyword phrase. Once that's done, you can then use it to optimize your squeeze page.

For this example, we're going to use the keyword "improve your golf swing".

We start by using that keyword as the actual squeeze page name...

Next, we want to make certain that keyword appears within the headline.

Which is exactly what we've done in the good headline example: How To Improve Your Golf Swing In 5 Days Or Less

You also want to include the keyword within the paragraphs of text.

Which again, we've accomplished: What better way to improve your golf swing than to use the secret methods golf pros use.

Since an image that represents the report that's being given away has also been included, you'll want the keyword in the image name and the "alt" part of the image tag as well.

<img src="improve-your-golf-swing.jpg" alt="how to improve your golf swing free report">

Of course, we still have that pesky problem of search engines not liking squeeze pages...

There just isn't enough content on a squeeze page to ever allow it to rank high enough in search engines.

The good news is, you can fix it by simply adding extra content.

All you have to do is include exerpts from the free report (if there's still not enough content, just expand on it).

Make certain your keyword appears within that content as well. Not too much. Just enough to satisfy search engines.

Now your squeeze page is not only optimized properly, it has the potential to be ranked well in search engine results. Which, of course, sets you up to receive more traffic.

Make It Mobile Friendly

The only other aspect that should be entertained is making your squeeze page responsive. Not in the "get people to sign up" way, but rather making it mobile friendly.

Considering how many people now use their hand-held devices to access the internet, it stands to reason that your squeeze page should have the capability of being properly viewed. No matter what device the viewer is using.

While this might seem like a daunting task, it's really not. Especially with something as basic and simple as a squeeze page.

Rather than go into all the details in written form, it's easier to give you sample squeeze pages (coming soon). That way, you can simply examine the source code and see exactly how mobile friendly is accomplished.

That's assuming you're interested in building your own squeeze pages.

If not, just customize the samples however you like and enjoy!

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