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Make Money Online - Operate A Blog

People start blogs all the time. And they do it for any number of reasons.

Some use their blog as an online diary. Others document their travels or life experiences. Still others choose to use a blog as a platform for their beliefs.

Regardless of what type of blog it is, a large number of individuals are hoping for one simple outcome...

To make money.

The only problem is, a blog doesn't necessarily give you any more advantage to making money online than any other website.

It still takes the same amount of commitment. It still requires attracting the right viewers.

And it definitely requires the right basis for actually generating income.

So whether you're talking about a blog specifically or any other form of website, you need the same ingredients.

  1. something to sell

  2. prospective buyers

  3. marketing and promotion capability

  4. time to operate your online business

Of course there are other factors. But in general, those four are the foundation for any effort to make money online.

But we're talking about a blog here. And although it might require the same ingredients, it's definitely different than any other method online.

For one thing, blogs are personal. They're not meant to actually SELL something. When they do it's simply a by-product of operating a successful blog.

And by successful, we mean in a monetary gain sort of way.

There are countless blogs that are highly successful in terms of traffic and followers, but their intent has nothing to do with making money.

But that's the true irony...

If you don't operate a blog primarily from a people-pleasing perspective - in other words, aim for a successful blog in terms of popularity - you won't ever experience financial gain.

Unless you're selling one-of-a-kind, highly expensive items on eBay (in which case you only need one or two eager and highly targeted buyers to show up), there's really only one way to gain considerable income...

Get plenty of highly targeted traffic.

And with a blog, that equates to countless numbers of people who are not only highly interested in your blog content but will come back time and time again to soak up even more of whatever wit, wisdom, or intelligence you're dishing out.

If you look at your blog from strictly a money-making perspective, you'll most likely fail. Just like 95% of all the people who come online hoping to generate income.

Naturally, that's your end game. You want to make money. You just can't operate a blog from that viewpoint alone.

There was a time when internet viewers were somewhat naive about when and how they were being marketed do. So it wasn't quite as difficult to sell them something.

But nowadays? Good luck trying to scam, finagle, dupe, or otherwise hard sell anything to the average internet viewer.

The only way to succeed in this day and time is to respect the people you're targeting. And the primary way to respect them is to deliver extremely valuable content.

Once you've gained their trust and loyalty, they'll be more than happy to hear what recommendation you have for ending their dog's bad behavior or improving his health and well being. Or better yet, what products you yourself used with Rover and had great success.

So whatever you do, don't fall into the trap of thinking that simply "pushing" products is the way to go.

If you truly expect to get "rich" blogging, you need to cater to a specific audience first.

Make them happy and you'll automatically develop the basis for turning those visitors into paying customers.

So now let's see exactly what steps you need to take in order to achieve that kind of financial success.



Like any other content-driven endeavor, you need to do one of two things...

  1. begin with a highly profitable niche

  2. sell something that falls directly into line with whatever content you're providing on your blog

Here's an example...

Let's say your blog is all about your dog Rover. Pictures, anecdotes, stories about your life together.

And let's assume that your content is so witty and entertaining that you've managed to get thousands of loyal viewers to check in with you on a regular basis.

One would have to assume that 1) those viewers are dog lovers and 2) a good many of them have dogs of their own and would therefore have an innate interest in dog-related products.

At that point, it's simply a matter of deciding exactly what dog products you should sell to your loyal blog followers.

On the flip side, let's say you don't have a clue what to write about. Or what kind of theme you should base your blog content on.

In that case, you would want to find a profitable niche that already exists and cater to that particular audience. With regard to products AND blog content.

Which is easier? That depends on what you can bring to the table.

If you really can develop a profound and entertaining blog that's based on wisdom or information you already possess, then it would make sense to go that route. Then you can simply plug in products that relate to your content.

If you happen to be someone whose extensive knowledge is limited to something only a handful of individuals would be interested in (oh, let's say the history of corn husking), then finding a profitable niche would be your only alternative.

But no matter which route you take, there's one thing you have to be aware of right from the start...

Making money from a blog isn't going to happen overnight. Oh sure, there are probably those rare occasions when financial lightning strikes almost immediately, but that's very very rare.

The average individual isn't going to experience anything near that kind of "instant" success. That takes time.

But that's the one area where blogs can trump an average website any day, any time. If it contains great content - the kind that attracts a large number of targeted viewers - it's guaranteed to succeed. Eventually.

One of the questions on recently was how much traffic it would take to make money with a blog. The person who responded said they managed to build their viewer numbers to 100,000 a month in two years. And still they didn't make enough money to brag about.

Instead of assuming their content either wasn't great or didn't align itself properly with the product or products they were selling, they chose to tell this questioning individual that blogs weren't a good way to make money.

He was dead wrong. Blogs are a sensational method for generating income. And lots of it.

Of course, that's assuming the blog has the two major qualities required to do so.

  1. the content is good enough to attract and ultimately keep thousands of viewers interested on a regular basis

  2. the product or products being sold are something the majority of those viewers are eager to get their hands on

As long as you fulfill those two requirements, you'll make money with your blog. Guaranteed.

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