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Make Money Online - Become An Affiliate

There are plenty of ways to make money online.

Which route you take depends on several factors. Things like...

  • how much time do you have available

  • how much can you afford to spend

  • how much experience do you have

  • how much training are you willing to put yourself through

  • how soon do you expect to get rich

Once you've established what you can and can't do in order to make money online, you can start looking at different choices.

The one that usually stands out for beginners is joining an affiliate program.

In case you're not already aware, affiliate programs allow you to sell items online without you needing your own products or website.

All you do is sign up as an affiliate for someone else's product. Then you simply promote your assigned affiliate URL address.

For every sale that is made through your affiliate link, you receive a commission. It's as simple as that.

How much commission is contingent on the owner of the product. For example, with Amazon it's all based on high volume sales, so you're only going to receive a very small percentage for each item that you're personally responsible for being sold.

With a venue like ClickBank (which deals in digital products only) you can expect to receive an average of fifty-percent commission or more.

So the first order of business is to determine which affiliate program you want to promote. Not that you have to restrict yourself to one, but it's recommended simply because jumping back and forth between different types of sales or promotions makes things even more difficult.

Basically, you don't want to spread yourself so thin that you can't achieve financial success with anything you promote. Stick to one and get really, really good at being an affiliate.

What you'll quickly discover is that it's always better to become a master of one rather than a mediocre "Jack Of All Trades".

For example, if you use ClickBank, you can promote as many products as you like. But that's not something you should aspire to right from the start.

The best method is to choose a very specific category, one that you've researched and found to be something that has two distinct attributes...

  1. it's a quality product that falls into a popular specialized niche (topic of interest)

  2. it's already in demand by an extremely large number of individuals

And here are several possibilities that meet both those criteria.

  • a digital ebook that shows golfers how to achieve longer drives

  • a dog training product that guarantees to safely housebreak a puppy

  • a natural fat-burning supplement that will shed 10 pounds a week

  • a series of videos with step-by-step instructions

Once you've chosen a product, you'll need to promote it. And that's where the real work beings.

The problem for most beginning affiliates is the fact that they believe the hype surrounding affiliate programs.

  • you don't need a website in order to make money as an affiliate

  • the promotion materials that are provided to affiliates work best

  • being shown how to drive traffic is the same as actually driving it

Let's start with the first myth. That an affiliate doesn't need their own website.

There are plenty of individuals who do nothing more than promote their affiliate link. Which would be fine if hundred of other affiliates weren't doing exactly the same thing.



In order to do it better - in order to actually generate income - you're going to have to do much better than what everyone else is doing.

You need to drive targeted traffic to your own squeeze page first. That's where you do one specific thing...

Exchange a viewer's name and email address for a valuable free resource that's directly related to the product you're promoting.

Why? Because most people don't buy a product immediately. They generally have to be "talked into it".

By having their name and email address, you can systematically contact them with information related to the product.

And over time, convince them why purchasing that particular product is the best thing that could ever happen.

You not only make a commission, you have a valuable contact to whom you can promote future products. How powerful is that?

So that brings us to the second myth... that whatever promotion materials the product owner provides is good enough.

Two words. They're not.

The main reason is that every other affiliate for that product is using the exact same promotion materials. And pretty much doing it the same way they're told to within the instructions.

If you really want to be financially successful as an affiliate, you need to step outside the box and be somewhat creative.

Like creating a squeeze page where you collect names and email addresses. Of course, that's just the beginning.

You still need to promote the product, convince those individuals that it's really worth buying.

While some of the provided materials will help, it's unlikely they'll seal the deal. For that, you need to come up with your own sales campaign.

That means original PRE sales copy, original ads, and original graphics. That way, you actually stand apart from other affiliates. Which in turn gives you a much stronger foundation for making sales.

Yes, eventually the prospective buyer will be sent to the product owner's page (either sales or order). But what you do prior to that will make the difference on whether or not they actually follow through with the purchase.

Next, we have the third myth about driving traffic.

There's a reason most promotion materials only include information about driving traffic and not actual means to do so...

Driving traffic is THE hardest part about making sales.

Think about it. As long as countless affiliates are out there doing all the really hard work, product owners can just sit back and collect funds.

In fact, that's the whole point of having affiliates. So they can be responsible for sending targeted traffic to the final offer.

And of course, the product owner is the one who winds up gathering valuable names and email addresses.

Yet another reason to have your own squeeze page. So you can have those same valuable contacts in YOUR pocket as well.

Being an affiliate can be one of the most lucrative methods to make money online.

That's assuming you do it right, which means doing it better and more creative than all the other affiliates.

And these five steps are all it takes to make that happen.

It's a proven formula that both beginners and seasoned marketers have been using for years. Most importantly, it's one that's guaranteed to be financially successful.

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